Student Spotlights

Summer Spotlight: Tosa Odiase

Meet Tosa Odiase who is an an associate researcher intern at Procter and Gamble this summer.
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Co-Op Spotlight: Saloni Baral

Saloni Baral, biomedical engineering student, co-ops with Boston Scientific as a process development engineer.
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Summer Spotlight: Andrew Ausse

A look inside interning at Swagelok with mechanical and aerospace engineering student Andrew Ausse.
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Graduation Spotlight: Maria Pritchett

Student athlete and chemical engineering graduate, Maria Pritchett, has always had a passion for chemistry and math. Now, she's headed to The Lubrizol Corporation as a process engineer.
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Graduation Spotlight: Kat Menstell

Chemical engineering graduate Kat Menstell is heading to Colorado as a Process Engineer at J. M. Smucker Co after graduation. See what life at CWRU was like for Kat and the advice they have for students.
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Graduation Spotlight: Yaw Boateng

Electrical engineering graduate Yaw Boateng was draw to CWRU because of think[box]. Now, after spending his time here as a student tech at the maker space, he will spend the summer working at Tektronix.
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Graduation Spotlight: Vivek Aslot

With a double major in religious studies and chemical engineering, Vivek Aslot is headed to University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences to pursue an MD degree.
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Graduation Spotlight: Kush Idnani

Meet Kush Idnani, aerospace and mechanical engineering graduate. With dreams to be a design engineer for F1, Idani came to CWRU for the education, but is leaving with that and so much more.
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Graduation Spotlight: Clayton Cooper

Meet mechanical engineering PhD grad who spent his undergraduate years at CWRU and upon graduation is headed to Miami University as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.
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Graduation Spotlight: Shardul Rajesh Patil

Meet computer science masters graduate Shardul Rajesh and learn more about his years at CWRU.
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Spartan Showcase: Omar Ali

Case Western Reserve University’s reputation in applied science spoke for itself when Omar Ali was deciding where to pursue his bachelor’s degree. His decision was cemented when he saw a video about Professor Dustin Tyler’s revolutionary work restoring the sense of touch to people who experience paralysis or have had amputations.
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Student Co-Op Spotlight: Jackson Smith

See what a co-op is like at NASA Kennedy Space Center from second-year masters student Jackson Smith.
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Spartan Showcase: Kianna Sabrina Verdugo

In recognition of First-Generation College Celebration Day on Nov. 8, we spoke with Kianna Sabrina Verdugo, a first-generation student at Case Western Reserve, to learn more about their experiences.
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Spartan Showcase: Rucha Batchu

How can we gain insights about places humans can’t easily reach, such as the deep sea or outer space? If you ask undergraduate student Rucha Batchu, the answer is simple: Robots.
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Spartan Showcase: Samantha Hepp

When applying to colleges, Samantha Hepp found that one of the first listed majors in a drop-down menu was aerospace engineering. She didn’t need to scroll any further. That area of study aligned with her fascination with space exploration and blended well with her desire to apply her love of math in real-world settings.
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Summer Spotlight: Maya Malavasi

During spring and summer semester, Maya Malavasi was busy at the NASA Glenn Research Center working on virtual reality (VR) projects for experimental electrified aircraft in development. See more about her experience, how CWRU prepared her and what she learned.
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Summer Spotlight: Huy Pham

This summer Huy Pham did research right here at Case Western Reserve University in the lab with Roger Quinn! See what he shared about the experience.
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Summer Spotlight: Jada Kleinholz

This summer and through next semester, Jada Kleinholz is working in operations engineering at Bristol Myers Squibb in Devens, Massachusetts.
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Summer Spotlight: Alex Siegel

This summer and throughout last semester Siegel is has been at a co-op at Intel working for the Ultrapure Water (UPW) team that supplies water over 1,000,000 times more pure than drinking water to the fab where semiconductor chips are made.
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Summer Spotlight: Tyler McFarren

This summer, Tyler McFarren is working at Engineering Associates (EA) with the structural department on bridge and roadway design. Here's what he said about this experience...
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Summer Spotlight: Sydney Schenk

This summer Schenk is interning with TTX Company as the new equipment engineering intern. TTX Company works with several different rail car builders. As an intern, Schenk is mostly working on standardizing parts that break frequently so the maintenance technicians have an easier job repairing the cars.
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Haowei Chen

Graduation Spotlight: Haowei Chen

Meet Haowei Chen, graduating computer engineering student with an interest in car manufacturing. After graduation, he's headed to grad school.
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Graduation Spotlight: Usman Moazzam

Usman Moazzam will graduate this spring with a degree in computer science. He joined CWRU after transferring because he was interested in studying the "confluence of medicine and computing & data science" and identified with Case Western [Reserve]’s "emphasis on the exploration of interdisciplinary excellence."
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Graduation Spotlight: Kaitlyn Reyes

Upon graduation, Kaitlyn Reyes will start a role as research and development engineer at Procter & Gamble. Her time at CWRU has included involvement in multiple organizations and groups. See the advice she gives to students considering how they want to get involved.
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Graduation Spotlight: Maddy Vales

Maddy Vales will graduate in May with a degree in chemical engineering and upon graduation will move to Cincinnati, Ohio, to start working at P&G as a fabric care engineer.
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Graduation Spotlight: Raodatullah (Raodah) Abodunrin

Meet Raodatullah (Raodah) Abodunrin who has a goal to become a professor to "inspire the new generation" as her mentors have for her.
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Graduation Spotlight: Arein Daralnakhla

Arein Daralnakhla is a computer engineering major and computer science minor with a love for art. During her time at CWRU, she found ways to morph her passions and pursue a career journey that she is excited about. In May, she will graduate from CWRU, but she will take with her good memories and leave behind helpful advice.
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Graduation Spotlight: Ananya Rangavajla

Meet Ananya Rangavajla, biomedical engineering major and electrical engineering minor, set to graduate this spring.
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Graduation Spotlight: Abby Slates

Abby Slates spent the last four years combining her two interests: the environment and computer science. This May she will graduate with a degree in civil and environmental science with a minor in computer science. Despite her early interest in engineering, it's not the only thing that drew her to CWRU—it was the community.
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Graduation Spotlight: Sarah Kugelmas

Meet Sarah Kugelmas! With a major in computer science and minor in computer engineering, Sarah has plans to go straight to industry after graduation. See why she chose CWRU and her advice for students.
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Graduation Spotlight: Maite Rey

With the hope of helping expand the capability of drug delivery and medical devices, Maite Rey came to Case Western Reserve University to study biomedical engineering. Upon graduation in May, they will continue polymer research at CWRU while exploring different job paths.
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Graduation Spotlight: Alex Glatz

Alex Glatz came to CWRU as an undergraduate and received a degree in aerospace and mechanical engineering before taking on the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) Program. During his time at CWRU, he was a member of the football team. In July, he will travel to Germany for his next opportunity.
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Graduation Spotlight: James McHargue

James McHargue graduates with a master's in computer science this May and then heads to Amazon, to work as an engineer on Amazon Echo.
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Spartan Showcase: Sebastian Saintignon

When it comes to having a global perspective, Sebastian Saintignon is well versed. His father’s career led Saintignon’s family to live in such varied places as Arizona, Mexico, the Kingdom of Bahrain and California during his childhood, leading him to learn how to be open-minded and comfortable in new environments.
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Cleanr Team in ThinkBox

Alumnus and two students launch startup aimed at cleaner water

It all started as a hobby driven by a simple fact: “94% of tap water in the United States contains microplastic fiber.” Now, alumnus Max Pennington (CWR ‘22), and fourth-year students David Dillman and Chip Miller are co-founders of a business with cutting-edge, patent-pending technology that could transform the way the world uses water.
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Chase Breting

Third-year polymer science and computer engineering student spends 11 months working at Tesla

After just two months as an intern at Tesla, Chase Breting requested an extension of his co-op placement, realizing the experience was “once in a lifetime” and he wanted more time. The third year polymer and computer engineering student started his co-op in early January of 2022, moving to Fremont, CA, to work as an electrode engineering intern at the Kato facility, Tesla’s primary facility for 4680 battery cell production.
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Jamie poses with Artemis I at Kennedy Space Center

Fifth-year computer and data sciences student working at Kennedy Space Center

Jamie Booker's first day of classes looked a little different than normal this year. Instead of walking through Case Western Reserve University’s campus, the fifth-year computer science major was walking through the door of the Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida, to start his software development co-op. 
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Zemene Tegegn working with students in lab

Master’s student connects Ethiopian high school students with engineering and entrepreneurship skills

Zemene Tegegn, a master’s student in chemical engineering, traveled back to his roots this summer to work with students at the high school he attended in his home village of Delo Mena, Ethiopia.
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Graduating Student Spotlight: Raj Mukkamala

After he graduates in May, Raj will be headed to California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering.
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Headshot of Claire Telfer

Graduating Student Spotlight: Claire Telfer

Claire Telfer will be graduating in May with a degree in Biomedical Engineering (BME) with a minor in Chemistry. She chose those programs because she was "particularly excited about the intersection of chemical engineering and medicine."
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Headshot of Stephen Timothy outside with trees in the background

Graduating Student Spotlight: Stephen Timothy

Stephen Timothy will be graduating in May with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He chose that program because "I've always had a knack for building things, math, and science."
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Graduating Student Spotlight: Lindsey Ho

Lindsey Ho will be graduating in May with a Major in Chemical Engineering and Minor in Dance. She chose those program because it will allow him "I wanted to be able to study both of my interests in some form: engineering and dance!"
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Graduating Student Spotlight: Xinming Wang

Xinming Wang will be graduating in May with a degree in Biomedical Engineering (BME). He chose that program because he was "very interested in tissue engineering and would like to do scientific research in the future."
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Headshot of Kathryn Medrow

Graduating Student Spotlight: Kathryn Medrow

Kathryn Medrow will be graduating in May with a degree in Polymer Science & Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering and Music. She passed on this advice to those who come after: "If you want to pursue something, whether it’s a certain major, activity, research, or sport, don’t let the fear of failing stop you from trying."
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Elahe Farghadany

Graduating Student Spotlight: Elahe Farghadany

Elahe Farghadany will be graduating in May with a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. She is looking forward to a career in which she can promote sustainability.  
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Christian Reyna and dog Camila

Graduating Student Spotlight: Christian Reyna

Christian Reyna will be graduating in May with a degree in Biomedical Engineering (BME). He chose that program because it will allow him "to make a life-changing (literally) impact on lives."
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Photo of Grace Yeung

Spartan Showcase: Grace Yeung

From early-morning practices and treks up the “Elephant Stairs” to overcoming five knee injuries and four surgeries, Grace Yeung has pushed through plenty of struggles in her time as a student-athlete. Through them all, she’s considered competing as a Spartan to be a key component of her Case Western Reserve experience.
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Headshot of Grace Floring

Spartan Showcase: Grace Floring

Learn more about the fifth-year student and winner of the Selected Professions Fellowship
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Woman standing in front of a window

Spartan Showcase: Kathryn Wilcox

Students at Case Western Reserve University are challenged to “think beyond the possible” each and every day—and third-year PhD student Kathryn Wilcox takes that mission to heart.
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Andrea Chakraborty

Spartan Showcase: Andrea Chakraborty

This fall, Andrea Chakraborty, a fourth-year civil and environmental engineering student at Case Western Reserve University, is taking part in a six-month co-op with an engineering consulting firm in Baltimore that specializes in airport planning, design and management.
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Issac Kozack at NASA Glenn

Summer Spotlight: Issac Kozak

During the summer months when campus gets quieter, we like to learn more about what our students are up to! Issac Kozak, fourth-year aerospace engineering student, is interning with Zin Technologies and working with parts of the Universal Stage Adapter on NASAs SLS rocket that will take the Artemis Missions to the moon.
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Anne Straits batch mixing in lab.

Summer Spotlight: Anne Straits

Meet Anne Straits, biomedical engineering student working with CWRU's Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering on a research opportunity with Veterans Affairs. Her project focuses on developing a simple prototype of the prosthetic liner.
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Sameera Nalin Venkat

Summer Spotlight: Sameera Nalin Venkat

This summer Sameera Nalin Venkat, PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering, is working an internship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory analyzing atomic force microscopy images of fluoropolymers and investigating crystallization kinetics.
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Ashwin Menon photo

Summer Spotlight: Ashwin Menon

Find out what mechanical engineering student Ashwin Menon is doing during his internship at Swagelok Company this summer! He also share's how CWRU and Case School of Engineering has prepared him for a role like this.
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Graduation Spotlight: Anna Currin

Meet graduating student, Anna Currin!
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