Graduation Spotlight: Clayton Cooper

Clayton Cooper

Degree: PhD in Mechanical Engineering 

What made you choose this area of study?

I just love tinkering with things. I thrived on building Lego sets when I was a kid and I still love using my hands to build structures and machines. As you might imagine based on that information, mechanical engineering is a natural fit for me.

What is your favorite thing about engineering?

My favorite thing about engineering is its systematic approach to identifying and solving practical problems.

Why did you choose CWRU?

I immediately felt at home at CWRU. I toured the school as a junior in high school and could feel a sense of community permeating campus.

Were you involved in activities outside of class? If so, what were they and why did you get involved?

I am a very proud brother of Delta Upsilon and devoted my undergraduate years to serving the Western Reserve Chapter at CWRU. I joined because I found brotherhood, camaraderie, and compassion in DU that was, and still is, unmatched.

What's your favorite thing about CWRU or your favorite memory?

My favorite memory is working on EECS 484 homework on the 2nd floor of Nord late into the night. I was there with two of my fraternity brothers and the air of being on a dead silent engineering quad with some of my best friends while we learned together was an incredibly memorable experience. I know it's benign to some, but sometimes the benign things are what stick with you and stand out the most.

As a graduating student, what's a piece of advice/encouragement you'd like to share with current students? 

The little things matter the most in the long run. Your late night Rascal House runs, study sessions with friends, and club events, for example, will comprise many more of your memories than you realize.

What are your post graduation plans?

I've been appointed as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Miami University.