Graduation Spotlight: Maria Pritchett

Maria Pritchett

Major:  Chemical Engineering
Minor:  Business Management

What made you choose this area of study?

I always loved chemistry and math before coming to college, and I have always had a passion for finding out how things work and creating. Additionally, I really care about the environment, and I believe that in order to have more sustainable industry/manufacturing we need people with this mindset in those spaces.

What is your favorite thing about engineering?

I love how it takes hard sciences and turns them into feasible rules/laws which we can use to create!

Why did you choose CWRU?

I chose CWRU because of the great engineering programs, the urban campus, and the opportunity to compete as a student athlete on the varsity swim team while completing my degree.

Were you involved in activities outside of class? If so, what were they and why did you get involved?

I was a student athlete and competed on the varsity women's swim and dive team for the entirety of my time at CWRU. I also joined Alpha Gamma Delta sorority my first year and made great friends through that. This year I am a peer advisor for the school of engineering! I was involved in several smaller social justice organizations which allowed me to have an impact on campus. I also did a study abroad last summer in Athens, Greece which was an amazing experience!

What's your favorite thing about CWRU or your favorite memory?

I'd love to share my two favorite memories at CWRU. My first would be the several times that the women's swim team beat our long-standing rivals, those were such amazing moments I got to share with the team. Second, I have to recognize just how amazing of an experience seeing the solar eclipse on April 8th was, once in a lifetime.

As a graduating student, what's a piece of advice/encouragement you'd like to share with current students? 

Don't take your time here for granted, living within walking distance of all your friends, spending time and co-existing with people you care about the way that you do in college, its very special.

What are your post graduation plans?

I accepted a job in Cleveland as a process engineer with The Lubrizol Corporation, the company that I co-oped with while here at CWRU!