Summer Spotlight: Sydney Schenk

Sydney Schenk

Year: Incoming third-year
Major: Mechanical Engineering

This summer Schenk is interning with TTX Company as the new equipment engineering intern. Here's what she shared about her experience... 

Explain the details of your internship.

Most of my projects have been standardization focused. TTX works with several different rail car builders and I am mostly working on standardizing on parts that break frequently so the maintenance technicians have an easier job repairing our cars. I also get the opportunity to sit in on all of the meetings that my team does to learn the day in and day out of an engineer at TTX. I have been working in AutoCAD and Solidworks.

How did you find this opportunity?


What has been the best experience so far?

I work very closely with my boss - he will explain the projects and then I get to work and he gives me a lot of great feedback. This has helped me grow my skills and also be more comfortable reaching out for help or feedback. One of the projects that I’ve been working on since day 1 is almost done, and I started with collecting data in an excel sheet and now I have a Solidworks model and a fully dimensioned AutoCAD drawing ready to be put in our general specification for the car builders to follow.

What're you looking to get out of this experience?

I was looking to get a great engineering experience to see what it’s like to be an engineer and if it’s a career path I could really see myself in. Mechanical engineering can lead in many directions, so one of the things I wanted out of my college experience was taking advantage of a variety of opportunities in mechanical engineering. Rail cars have been a unique opportunity and I’ve enjoyed spending time on them this summer!

What's your best piece of advice for students who might be looking for a similar opportunity?

Apply to many different opportunities and internships. You never know what might work out for you and how much you might like it! Also, be authentic in your interviews! Be prepared to share a few great stories about yourself and how you overcome/adapt to challenges.

How did CWRU and CSE prepare you?

My engineering classes have been pretty tough so far, but they made me feel very fulfilled for getting through them. When taking my finals this semester, I was really proud of myself because I thought back to how much I’ve learned this semester (6 engineering classes - a lot of material!!) and I realized that this (Mechanical Engineering) is something I am and will continue to be successful in.