Co-Op Spotlight: Saloni Baral

Saloni Baral

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2026

  • Who are you co-oping with?

Boston Scientific

  • Explain the details of your co-op. 

I am a process development engineering co-op in Boston Scientific’s Peripheral Interventions department. My project focuses on the development of a mechanical thrombectomy device. A thrombectomy is a procedure used to remove blood clots from vessels in order to restore blood flow and oxygenation to vital organs. My role involves the design, execution, and analysis of investigational experiments. These studies help us understand our device’s performance characteristics under various conditions while also informing our efforts to improve the process we use to manufacture our product. In order to analyze these studies’ outputs, I’ve been familiarizing myself with functional testing, data analysis tools like Minitab, and test methods.

  • How did you find this opportunity? 

I found it through the 2023 SWE National Conference in Los Angeles!

  • What has your experience been so far?

It has been an enriching experience so far. I have been able to design, execute, and analyze several studies of my own while also assisting my colleagues in their efforts. I’ve been able to learn more about the company’s portfolio by attending production floor tours and product information sessions; these have been very helpful in helping me understand the technologies that exist. Lastly, I’ve been able to bond with my fellow co-ops/interns and find mentors who have provided valuable advice to me.

  • What's your best advice for students who might be looking for a similar opportunity?

Attending conferences is a great way to network with individuals working within the engineering industry. However, in order to walk away from it with a job offer, you should walk into the conference having done a few things beforehand. First, have an elevator pitch prepared to give to recruiters as the first impression is the most important in this setting. Second, apply to job postings BEFORE coming to the conference; if recruiters see that you’ve been proactive and applied before speaking with them, they’re more likely to sign you up for an interview slot. Otherwise, they’ll usually tell you apply to a posting and then come back. Third, update your resume and have a few printed out!