Meet our student innovators

Detecting eye diseases. Providing simple power to those without electricity. Delivering hugs from thousands of miles away. Our students don't just study hard in their classes. Thanks to resources like Sears think[box] and CWRU LaunchNET—and their own ingenuity and determination—they're developing solutions, building and testing prototypes, and launching companies.


Meet Felipe, the maker of a jet-engine plasma fuel injector.

portrait of student Felipe Gomez del Campo
As an undergraduate student, Felipe invented a device to improve fuel efficiency in jet engines, secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding and even met the president at a special White House event. Meet Felipe >>


Meet Xyla, the maker of digital hugs.

Xyla Foxlin
When she had a moment of missing a loved one, Xyla was inspired to find a way to send a hug digitally in a way that the receiver could actually feel. Her line of plush animals is doing just that and she's managed to develop prototypes, raise funding, win design competitions, successfully complete a Kickstarter campaign, take orders—even star in a commercial for Microsoft—all as an undergraduate student. Meet Xyla >>


Meet Sam and Ian, the makers of a pedal-powered cell phone charger.

Sam Crisanti and Ian Ferre
Sam Crisanti (left) and Ian Ferre
In an undergraduate class on designing for the world's poorest, Sam and Ian were inspired to take their concept off the page and into real life. Their pedal-powered cell phone charger brings a realistic way for those without electricity to charge their much-needed phones. Meet Sam and Ian >>


Meet Alexis, the maker of a training simulator for nurses.

portrait of student innovator Alexis Schilf
As a senior, biomedical engineering student Alexis Schilf was inspired during a summer class to develop a training simulator for OR nurses on passing surgical instruments. Meet Alexis >>


Meet Bowen and Tao, the makers of a portable charging device.

The Answenergy team
When Bowen couldn't take any photos of his Alaskan wilderness trip—because he wasn't able to charge his cell phone—he was inspired to design a charging device that powers up by leveraging the wearer's movements. Meet Bowen and Tao >>


Meet Chris, the maker of a password key

student entrepreneur, Chris Wentz, holding his invention, Everykey
As a master's student, Chris was inspired to develop a Bluetooth-enabled device that unlocks password-protected devices. His key stores ultra-secure passwords and only unlocks devices if the user is present. Meet Chris >>


Meet Nicholas, the maker of a vision test for strabismus.

portrait of student entrepreneur Nicholas VanDillen
As a master's student, Nicholas knew that he wanted to learn not just the skills needed to be a successful biomedical engineer, but how to successfully launch his career. So alongside his studies, he sought out a project he could help bring to market. The iStrab screens for and helps diagnose strabismus, more commonly know as being cross-eyed. Meet Nicholas >>