High Temperature Piezoelectrics

We are currently working on developing high temperature piezoelectrics for a broad range of applications including energy convertors for thermo-acoustic engines. The technological focus is converting the acoustic waves into electrical energy using piezoelectrics, creating a solid state engine. These systems, aimed to power instrumentation for deep space science missions, can also be commercialized for power generation applications for terrestrial applications. Additional applications for the high temperature piezoelectrics include fuel modulation in combustion engines by increasing efficiency and reducing green-house emissions, as well as efficient ultrasonic drilling for oil deeper into the earth’s crust.

Our research focus has been on the development of high temperature piezoelectrics based on Pb-, and Bi-containing systems. We have two main approaches to develop high temperature piezoelectrics: (i) microstructural control and (ii) compositional design of ternary and quaternary perovskite systems. The purpose is to introduce the effects of lower solubility perovskites and still take advantage of proximity to the MPB.