Su completes senior project

Steven Su

After Steven Su graduates from CWRU in May with his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering along with a minor in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, he hopes to work in the defense industry or the consumer packaged goods industry, with a long-term goal of being responsible for a new product or innovation that has a significant impact on the world.

When Su arrived at CWRU in Fall 2016, he planned to major in mechanical engineering. However, he began wondering if it was the right field for him and met with his dean to discuss other possibilities. She put Su in contact with Associate Professor Mark De Guire. After meeting with De Guire, Su decided to study materials science and engineering. He was particularly drawn to the idea of creating new technologies.

Su and De Guire also worked together on Su’s senior project, “Finite Element Analysis of Glass/Steel Composites.” De Guire began this project nearly ten years ago, giving Su the opportunity to build on the successes of students before him. “I used a finite element analysis program to examine stress distributions in an enameled steel part that has experienced high temperatures,” said Su. “Since the material of interest is a composite, the components that make up the composite each respond differently to changes in temperature, thus causing thermal stresses within the composite. High stresses may lead to cracking and chipping of the enamel layer which is problematic. Having a better understanding of the stress distribution in the composite may help in finding a way to mitigate these issues.” Using Abaqus to conduct finite element analysis of an enameled steel part, Su was most appreciative of gaining an understanding of the basics of FEA.

"I am surprised at the amount of knowledge that I've gained over the past four years,” said Su. “Engineering is tough and I am proud of myself for sticking with the field despite the many difficulties that I've faced along the way.”