Hakim completes senior project, headed to Swagelok's career development program

Musa Hakim Jr.

Musa Hakim Jr. will graduate from CWRU in May 2021 with his B.S. in materials science and engineering and is headed to Swagelok’s Career Development Program. He feels that his long-term goals are simple: “I want to continue to learn and grow in my craft. I feel as though I have been able to accomplish anything that I put my mind to and I want to continue to grow my knowledge in the world of engineering.”

Hakim worked on his senior project, “Infrared radiative heating using nano-photonic filter localized efficient drying,” with Professor James McGuffin-Cawley and Jeffrey Briggs of Radiant Electric Heat. He conducted research based on the impact of the materials selection of the spectral performance of a filter composed of Indium Tin Oxide, Silicon Carbide and Silicon Dioxide deposited onto a fused silica substrate. He was most drawn to the manufacturing process and the intricacies associated with engineering on the nanoscale. “In the world of manufacturing, the impact of money, research, and communication is far greater than I realized and through this project, I feel extremely prepared for the next chapter of my life,” he said. “Nanoscale engineering requires extreme attention to detail throughout material selection, processing, and synthesis.”

He praised McGuffin-Cawley for helping him see “potential within myself to accomplish a great deal as an engineer” through his teaching and “introducing me to the depths of engineering.”

Hakim was drawn to the field of materials science and engineering while on a plane ride as a sophomore in high school. “I was speaking with an active member of the US Navy and upon me informing him of my interest in Nuclear Chemistry, he asked if I had thought about going into engineering. The thought of being able to learn, challenge myself and impact people’s lives through innovation was exactly what drew me to engineering. Materials Engineering is the backbone of engineering and was exactly where I felt that I belonged.”

During his years at CWRU, Hakim has built memories outside the field of engineering as well. He praised his track coach, Eric Schmuhl, for giving him a place to “clear my mind and refocus myself on my studies” when going through difficult times. Hakim himself has been a mentor to students in Cleveland public schools through the Breakthrough Public Schools program, serving on a steering committee to prepare the students for life after high school and college.