Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering would like to congratulate our 2020 graduates.  This year, we had two PhD graduates, three Masters of Science graduates and ten Bachelor of Science graduates.

Our 2020 graduates and their future plans are...

PhD degree recipients

Donghui Li: seeking postdoc position

Ben Palmer: signed on to start work at Pratt and Whitney in their Material Processing and Engineering group starting in July

Masters of Science degree recipients

Anthony Gilbert: continuing to work as a research chemist at Lubrizol focused on colloids, expecting a baby later this year

Denice Johnson: continuing to work at The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District as a chemist in the laboratory, working with Professor James Mcguffin-Cawley investigating opportunities to continue her thesis work concerning microplastics and wastewater treatment

Austin Ngo: pursuing a PhD at CWRU and working in Professor John Lewandowski's research group

Bachelor of Science degree recipients

Carly Camp: pursuing a Masters of Science in electrical engineering at University of Michigan

Ethan Field: pursuing a PhD at University of California, Davis

Miranda Gottlieb: working as a researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in Berkeley, California

Kyle Johnson: planning to start his career in polymer manufacturing with the goal of making an impact in the green energy sector

Arushi Pradhan: pursuing a PhD at University of Pittsburgh

Ryan Siebenaller: pursuing a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University

Holly Sirk: starting in the career development program at Swagelok

Noah Tietsort: working as a Quality Metallurgical Engineer with Howmet Aerospace Cleveland Operations

Nat Tomczak: pursuing Masters/PhD at CWRU

Ke Wang (Tom): pursuing Masters at CWRU