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Institutes, centers and labs related to Macromolecular Science & Engineering

Center for Advanced Polymer Processing

Develops new advanced and functional multiphase complex materials and optimizes the performance of existing ones by integrating the most advanced experimental and computational capabilities. 

Flourescent Polymer

Lei Zhu's Group

Studies dielectric polymers and nanocomposites for electrical and power applications.

Dry Adhesive

Liming Dai's Group

Develops controlled macromolecules and methods to synthesize fine nanomaterials, and studies the material hazards.

Nano Tech

Advincula Research Group

Develops ultrathin or superhydrophobic film coatings, packaging films using nanocomposites and other needs of the oil and gas industry.

Researcher pipetting in lab

Hore Research Group

Uses theory, simulation and experimentation to study physical phenomena in polymeric systems