Fast Facts

laserworkbench The Case School of Engineering is ranked among the nation's top 50 graduate engineering programs by U.S. News & World Report and top 20 in biomedical engineering.

Case Western Reserve University ranks 12th among private institutions and 24th overall in federal expenditures for science and engineering research development.

Science & Technology Center

The Center for Layered Polymeric Systems (CliPS) is our first National Science Foundation-funded Science and Technology Center with total federal support of up to $40 million in its 10-year lifetime. CliPS integrates polymer science with research in nanotechnology, optics, laser physics, membranes, biomedical engineering and other scientific disciplines.

Urban Challenge

In its first appearance in the DARPA Grand Challenge, TeamCASE and its self-driving robotic car DEXTER finished in the finished in the top 20 out of an initial international field of more than 80 competitors, beating schools such as Caltech, Georgia Tech and Princeton.

Energy & Environment

Created with a $3.6 million grant from the Cleveland Foundation and supported by the new Milton and Tamar Professorship in Energy Innovation, The Great Lakes Energy Institute will enhance research in the generation, transportation, utilization and storage of energy to help solve the greatest engineering challenge of our time.


Ninety-seven percent of employers say Case engineers produce faster than their peers. Two out of three graduates have worked at least one seven-month cooperative education assignment, while others have completed internships or offsite research projects.

Notable Alumni

Paul Buchheit, '98 Google employee #23 & inventor of Gmail

Chi-Foon Chan '74, '77 President & COO, Synopsys, Inc.

Herbert H. Dow 1888 Founder of Dow Chemical

Robert J. Herbold '66, '68 Vice President and COO (retired), Microsoft Corporation

Alexander Kummant '82 Former President & CEO, Amtrak

Lilip Lau '89 Inventor, the Guidant Stent

Craig Newmark '75, '77 Founder of craigslist

Frank Rudy '50 Inventor of the Nike Air Sole