Mehran Mehregany publishes new book on innovation for engineers

Mehran MehreganyMehran Mehregany, the Veale Professor of Wireless Health Innovation, has published a new book on innovation for engineers titled Innovation for Engineers: Developing Creative and Entrepreneurial Success.
Mehregany’s new book covers a range of topics including: concepts and practices for driving creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship; personal considerations for success and happiness over the course of one’s career; the power of observation and imagination in driving innovation; and methodologies for innovation opportunity identification, qualification and financing.

“It teaches innovation to engineers in an engineer’s language and style,” says Mehregany. “As founder of NineSigma, Inc. and through my academic career, I have found that the engineering workforce at companies do not have an engineering-style textbook on innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. My book addresses this gap.”
The book is available on Amazon and through the publisher