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july 25, 2016

Paralyzed riders use new technology to race bikes

Time trials in Cleveland Heights will determine who reaches upcoming international competition.

july 18, 2016

Researchers build a crawling robot from sea slug parts and a 3-D printed body

Swarms could one day search the depths of fresh and salt water.

july 11, 2016

Researchers developing quick, inexpensive test to assess ER+ breast cancers

National Cancer Institute awards $3.3 million to develop digital image analytics.

july 6, 2016

Changes in benign tissue next to prostate tumors may predict biomedical recurrence of cancer, scientists find

Findings could help clinicians decide sooner which patients need more follow-up therapies.

june 22, 2016

CWRU researcher scaling up knotty polymer research

Advincula receives $300,000 National Science Foundation grant.

june 15, 2016

Burning for knowledge: researchers ignite fire in space

CWRU researchers team with NASA Glenn Research Center on the largest fire safety experiment ever performed in space.

may 25, 2016

Cleveland researchers developing GPS for rectal cancer surgery

Risk score would determine who would benefit from chemoradiation alone.

may 11, 2016

Three university-based technologies secure translational state funding awards

Funding will advance projects in imaging, infection protection and diagnostic testing.

april 19, 2016

Researchers discover moving, electrically "silent" source initiates brain waves

Finding may help in understanding memory formation, treating epilepsy.

april 19, 2016

Case Western Reserve University researchers land federal grants

Four engineering faculty members win NSF CAREER grants.

april 19, 2016

New technology quantifies effects of prostate laser ablation

Effort to understand risks of treatment, and prognostic clues to long-term outcomes.

march 15, 2016

CWRU researcher to turn plant virus shells against human cancers

More than $3M in federal and foundation grants will support research.

march 15, 2016

Changes in heart activity may signal epilepsy

Pronounced alterations in heart rate variability may contribute to Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

march 15, 2016

Universities team up to pursue energy innovation

Case Western Reserve joins Carnegie Mellon, the University of Pittsburgh and West Virginia University in the Tri-State University Energy Alliance.

march 10, 2016

U.S. State Department-sponsored group from seven nations visit Case Western Reserve

Cross-disciplinary program demonstrates how an American research university forms links with industry and other private-sector businesses.

march 8, 2016

Scholarship gift from alumnus, former Microsoft COO helps launch Institute for Smart, Secure and Connected Systems

Efforts draw on engineering school's strengths to respond to growing opportunities as Internet of Things becomes increasingly ubiquitous.

february 24, 2016

Brain waves may be spread by weak electrical field

Mechanism tied to waves associated with epilepsy.

february 18, 2016

New image analytics may offer quick guidance for breast cancer treatment

Faster, cheaper test predicts who needs chemotherapy or just hormonal regimen.

february 5, 2016

State of Ohio's Federal Research Network awards CWRU $1.65M to lead research in energy storage for defense and aerospace applications

Funding establishes campus-based Center of Excellence with university and corporate partners.

february 2, 2016

Case Western Reserve University to participate in Department of Energy award to develop solar energy solutions and more resilient electrical grid

$6.3M project aims to integrate solar PV and energy storage.

february 1, 2016

CWRU researcher developing low-cost, portable method to detect tainted medicines and impure food supplements

United Nations Human Rights Council Safe-Medicines Resolution motivates Soumyajit Mandal's research.

january 17, 2016

Brain waves may be spread by weak electrical field.

Mechanism tied to waves associated with epilepsy.

december 28, 2015

CWRU researchers tailor power source for wearable electronics

Devices can be tailored to match the charge storage and delivery needs of electronics donned.

december 28, 2015

Case Western Reserve University showcases ingenuity at CES 2016

From high-speed blood tests to virtual hugs, innovation infrastructures to insights.

december 28, 2015

CWRU professor to build much desired chemical imager

Studies using FastRAM will range from tooth decay and art to combustion and planetary science.

december 23, 2015

Ohio Third Frontier Commission approves funding for four early-stage technology companies being developed at Case Western Reserve

Projects include diagnostic devices, synthetic platelets and self-powering wireless sensors.

december 23, 2015

Simple shell of plant virus sparks immune response against cancer

Biologic models tumor-free and protected from metastases after treatment.

december 15, 2015

CWRU researchers to make virtual energy audits a reality

Receive ARPA-E grant to boost energy efficiency nationally.

november 30, 2015

NASA Glenn Research Center and CWRU Fusion analyze ways to commercialize a promising new water purification technology

Cleveland Water Alliance also part of joint effort aimed at regional economic development.

october 28, 2015

National Science Foundation grant expands CWRU-directed program to promote gender equity in STEM faculty positions

CWRU will lead an effort to develop, share and evaluate approaches that lead to more women in full-tenured professorships in STEM fields.

october 28, 2015

Innovation hub think[box] gets more support and a new name

CWRU innovation and entrepreneurship center named in honor of Larry Sears and Sally Zlotnick Sears.

october 21, 2015

Partnership formed to commercialize technology that restores movement in paralyzed patients

Nonprofit receives $1.05M in seed money to speed development; FDA approves clinical testing.

october 6, 2015

NIH awards CWRU team $2.48M to help families make critical health-care planning decisions with avatar-based software

Nursing and engineering researchers collaborate on prototype software.

october 1, 2015

CWRU researcher to transform clot makers into clot busters

Sen Gupta adapting platelet technology to treat stroke and heart attack.

september 22, 2015

Open-Science van der Waals interaction calculations enable mesoscale design and assembly

Modeling tool can help researchers predict molecular organization and evaluate whether new combinations of materials will stick together.

september 22, 2015

Case-Coulter Translational Research Partnership awards $1 million in funding and support for promising biomedical engineering university technologies

Six projects supported, from an affordable and easy method to screen for Barrett's esophagus to synthetic life-saving platelets.

september 16, 2015

Researchers pursue ideal ingredients for cartilage recipe

NIH grant will allow researchers to explore microfabrication of cartilage.


september 16, 2015

CWRU leads solar power study inspired by field of medicine

DOE funds worldwide project to diagnose solar panel weakness, spur technologies extending lifetime performance and predictability.

september 15, 2015

Case Western Reserve University, Cuyahoga County to collaborate in White House "Smart Cities" initiative

CWRU researchers, county to address sustainability, cybersecurity and other regional issues as part of new national MetroLab Network of civic leaders and universities.

september 8, 2015

New nanomaterial maintains conductivity in three dimensions

International team seamlessly bonds CNTS and graphene.

august 31, 2015

CWRU researchers efficiently charge a lithium-ion battery with solar cell

Coupling with perovskite solar cell holds potential for cleaner cars and more.

august 26, 2015

CWRU, NASA and fire departments team to protect firefighters

$1.5M grant from the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA to help researchers design sensors aimed at protecting firefighters from respiratory damage.

august 12, 2015

New contrast agent spotlights tiny tumors and micrometastases

Considered a step toward earlier detection and treatment.

july 10, 2015

CardioInsight Technologies acquired to further advance heart mapping technology initially developed at Case Western Reserve University

The company's ECVUE system is the first non-invasive mapping system to provide simultaneous, 3-D multi-chamber mapping and localization of cardiac arrhythmia.

may 12, 2015

siRNA-toting nanoparticles inhibit breast cancer metastasis

Discovery holds promise for new treatments.

april 6, 2015

Researchers create first metal-free catalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries

Electrocatalyst performs as well or better than most metal oxide electrodes in zinc-air batteries

march 5, 2015

CWRU researchers bring clean energy a step closer

Cheaper, more durable catalyst for fuel cell used in cars, at data centers.

march 3, 2015

Case Western Reserve grants license option to startup Apollo Medical Devices

New company developing "point-of-care" blood analyzer.

february 11, 2015

Buildings with "rocking" technology would be more earthquake-resilient, finds CWRU civil engineering professor

Computer model compares “rocking steel-braced frames” to current earthquake standards used in low- to mid-rise buildings.  

february 8, 2015

National team to expand CWRU research restoring amputees' sense of touch

$4.4M DARPA grant to speed development of a mobile system.  

january 27, 2015

CWRU researcher on the clock to improve early Ebola detection

Team wins NSF funding to reduce false negative results in early detection tests.  

january 6, 2015

CWRU students engineering phone charger for world's needy

Student team wins EPA grant to refine project. 

december 30, 2014

Case Western Reserve University students bring hard science and fun to CES 2015

From health monitoring to aviation, from password protection to affordable high-end yo-yos and more.

november 19, 2014

Researchers discern the shapes of high-order Brownian motions

Team's technique holds promise for multimodal sensing and signal processing.

november 5, 2014

Shape of things to come in platelet mimicry

Technology may have broad use in medicine.

october 22, 2014

Amputees discern familiar sensations across prosthetic hand

System providing sensation for more than two years. 

october 2, 2014

Scientists wield plant viruses against deadly human disease

Nanoparticles tackle cancer and heart disease. 

september 9, 2014

CWRU wins grant to improve lifetime performance of ceramic fuel cells

Department of Energy grant will help materials science researchers study how to make solid oxide fuel cells last longer. 

september 3, 2014

Energy, engineering and entrepreneurship class begins at CWRU

National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance funds interdisciplinary academic pilot project

september 3, 2014

Parker Hannifin Foundation commits $2 million to endow engineering chair at Case Western Reserve University

Ken Loparo, chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, named inaugural chair holder

july 1, 2014

Clot-building nanoparticles raise survival rate following blast trauma

artificial blood platelets could help soldiers on the battlefield and trauma victims

june 19, 2014

CWRU engineer to grow replacement tissue for torn rotator cuffs

coaxing adult stem cells into tendons

june 18, 2014

Fall groundbreaking for first phase of expanded think[box] announced at White House "National Day of Making"

when completed, 50,000-square-foot facility will be among the largest university-based innovation centers in the country

may 13, 2014

Flexible supercapacitor raises bar for volumetric energy density

could be woven into clothes to power wearable medical, communications devices 

may 8, 2014

CWRU seniors build an urban garden

Clevelanders take over planting, watering and harvesting

may 1, 2014

CWRU and Intwine Connect LLC forge research commercialization partnership

agreement represents new approach to tech transfer 

march 19, 2014

Students to hack hardware, software and data to build security skills

courses to start this fall through partnership between CWRU, Cleveland State

march 18, 2014

Using big data to identify triple-negative breast, oropharyngeal and lung cancers

technique could enable doctors to use MRI scans to diagnose more aggressive cancers earlier 

march 7, 2014

CWRU student-led team vies for $1 million Hult Prize for startup contributing to social good

trip to regional finals among several competitions for Disease Diagnostic Group 

march 6, 2014

CWRU wins $1.9 million grant to lead artificial platelet study

researchers aim to staunch bleeding, detect and treat disease and more  

february 24, 2014

CWRU part of new national manufacturing effort 

focus on lightweight metals for transportation military and more 

february 20, 2014

Case Western Reserve University tech transfer grants exclusive license to Compadre; AeroClay LLC is formed

foam-like polymer/clay composite offers array of potential applications, from packaging hazardous materials to possible oil-spill cleanup solution 

february 17, 2014

crowdsourced testers prefer new cyber search method

search interface allows for more efficient, faster searches to find information on internet and hand-held devices 

february 7, 2014

nanoparticle pinpoints blood vessel plaques

technology is a step toward creating a non-invasive method of identifying plaques vulnerable to rupture 

february 7, 2014

CWRU and Lincoln Electric lead 3-D manufacturing project 

project is among 15 recently announced by America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute 

january 27, 2014

CWRU engineers find epileptic activity spreads in a new way

experiments and computer models show electrical fields spread activity layer by layer in the brain

january 13, 2014

CWRU to precisely build complex polymer nanostructures on plant virus scaffolds

tailoring for drug delivery, nanoelectronics and more  

january 9, 2014

imaging technology to improve survival of ischemic heart disease patients

proposal earns perfect score from NIH 

january 2, 2014

CWRU student innovators hope to hit Las Vegas "jackpot" at International CES show

seven student companies display technologies from electric bikes to energy-saving shower meters to rockets

january 2, 2014

learning to predict sickle cell crisis and monitor treatment

Doris Duke Foundation funds Case Western Reserve University effort 

december 9, 2013

CWRU engineering researchers report nanoscale energy-efficient switching devices at IEDM 2013

silicon carbide switches are smaller and reduce current leakage

december 9, 2013

neural prosthesis restores behavior after brain injury

brain-machine-brain interface bridges injury

november 11, 2013

cwru team building an MRI-guided robotic heart catheter

developing new technologies to improve treatment of arterial fibrillation

october 31, 2013

cwru researchers aim nanotechnology at micrometastases

to infiltrate and quash aggressive cancers that survive traditional therapy

october 28, 2013

making complex nanoparticles easily reproducible

cwru researchers receive grant to streamline processes 

october 21, 2013

cwru researchers make nanodiamonds in ambient conditions

the nanodiamonds are formed directly from a gas and require no surface to grow on

october 7, 2013

building a better, cheaper green-energy magnet

second $1 million grant supports effort to increase efficiency and secure supply for turbines and motors

october 3, 2013

feds fund concept for cheaper, better titanium made in U.S. 

essential metal for planes, rockets, missiles and more

october 2, 2013

cwru researchers probe brain implant failure and countermeasure

$1.8M NIH grant helps researchers explore ways to keep neurons healthy where electrodes connect to the brain's surface, paving the way for implants that function better and last longer

september 18, 2013

signal gradients in 3-D guide stem cell behavior

system can help discern recipes for tissue and organ repair and replacements

july 30, 2013

case western reserve university grants disease diagnostic group option to further develop hand-held malaria diagnostic device

university research spinoff also secures $250,000 for field-testing

june 5, 2013

metal-free catalyst outperforms platinum in fuel cell 

researchers now optimizing cheap, easy-to-make alternative 

june 5, 2013

vest would detect cancers before symptoms arise

portable, inexpensive diagnosis to enable more effective treatment

may 23, 2013

using big data to identify prostate cancers and best treatments

case western reserve university and johns hopkins medical institutes receive grants

april 4, 2013

cwru-led scientists build material that mimics squid beak

promising step toward safer, more comfortable implants

march 15, 2013

case western reserve research spinoff conservocare gets licensing options to develop medical device for bladder control

technology designed to improve patients' quality of life


march 14, 2013

new MRI method fingerprints tissues and diseases

aims for fast and affordable scans, early and quick diagnoses


march 12, 2013

atotech and cwru to shrink wiring for smaller semiconductors

world's lead manufacturing of chemicals for metal finishing and electroplating undustry signs major research contract with Case Western Reserve University

february 26, 2013

cwru offers new master's programs to meet industry needs

Three new master's programs in wireless health, fire science and engineering, and translational health technology offered by Case School of Engineering

february 21, 2013

case western reserve university joins braingate clinical trial

Experts in muscle stimulation technology and brain-computer interfaces working to restore movement for people with paralysis


january 24, 2013

cwru hosts techie camp for cmsd students

Computer programming and game designed provided free for STEM students

december 13, 2012

lake erie wind farm proposal wins $4 million federal grant

Case Western Reserve University to help complete engineering and design

october 30, 2012

finding triggers of birth defects in an embryo heart

Technology creates 3-D map of stresses linked to malformed structures

october 23, 2012

silver medal-winning sailor, technology test pilot launches book

Paralympian tells how Cleveland Functional Electrical Stimulation Center changed her life


october 16, 2012

effort to mass-produce flexible nanoscale electronics

CWRU wins $1.2 million federal grant to develop technology

october 10, 2012

making computer data storage cheaper and easier

CWRU technology on track for terabyte discs

october 02, 2012

CWRU wins grant to wean sustainable energy off oil

Solar cells and wind turbine blades to be made of biomaterials

september 28, 2012

exposing cancer's lethal couriers

Nanochains mark micrometastases for early diagnosis and treatment

september 27, 2012

cleveland trio will demonstrate energy-saving app to DOE

"Budget it yourself" monitors home electricity use and costs

august 31, 2012

nanoparticles added to platelets double internal injury survival rate

Results of early lab study hold promise for trauma cases

august 30, 2012

precise and persistent cell sabotage

Biomedical engineering associate professor Eben Alsberg uses siRNA as a cancer therapy and regenerative medicine

july 24, 2012

president honors Case Western Reserve University researcher

Biomedical engineering associate professor Jeffrey Capadona receives the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

june 01, 2012

integrated sensors handle extreme conditions

Engineering team has designed and fabricated integrated amplifier circuits that operate up to 600 degrees Celsius

april 04, 2012

cwru raises wind-energy labs over cleveland area

Case Western Reserve University and its partners have erected their third and largest research wind turbine--and begun process of tying into the grid

march 26, 2012

simple, cheap way to mass-produce graphene nanosheets

Researchers in South Korea and CWRU devise new process

march 08, 2012

saving power, saving money

New fine-grained power gating uses less energy and produces less heat

february 29, 2012

how heavy and light isotopes separate in magma

Mass wins the race toward cool--and leaves a clue to igneous rock formation

december 13, 2011

it's all in the wrapping

Surgical elastic wrapping mimics bone's periosteum to heal bone injuries faster

december 02, 2011

engineering cartilage replacements

Spatiotemporal signals guide stem cell changes

november 16, 2011

duerk named dean of case western reserve university’s case school of engineering

Biomedical Engineering Department chair and alumnus becomes next dean

november 03, 2011

brain probe that softens after insertion causes less scarring

Nanocomposite probe is inspired by dynamic skin of sea cucumber

october 20, 2011

electrochemistry controlled with a plasma electrode

Technology may open pathways for battery and fuel cell design and manufacturing, making hydrogen fuel and synthesizing nanomaterials and polymers

august 30, 2011

researchers build a tougher, lighter wind turbine blade

Polyurethane reinforced with carbon nanotubes outperforms currently used materials

july 25, 2011

artificial lung mimics real organ’s design and efficiency

Small device works with air; pure oxygen not needed

july 21, 2011

fast prediction of axon behavior

Modeling method speeds analysis from weeks to seconds

july 07, 2011

turning agents of disease into tools for health and better living

New book explores research into viral nanoparticles

may 27, 2011

from the rustbelt: an iron-based flow battery

DOE-funded work involves mixing cheap and plentiful iron in benign solutions to create flow battery

s-dle center to boost durability, lifetime of solar power plants

State awards $2.88 million to collaboration between CWRU and industry 

may 16, 2011

university named top biomedical research center

CWRU earned an at-large bid in The Hartwell Foundation’s Top Ten Centers of Biomedical Research

april 20, 2011

a scratched coating heals itself

Collaboration among CWRU, University of Fribourg and Army Research Laboratory uses light to trigger repair

march 22, 2011

cheap fuel cell catalyst made easy

CWRU researchers aim to cut cost of alternative energy

february 11, 2011

ohio third frontier funds case western reserve’s research collaboration with replex plastics

Plan is to further develop and improve mirror-augmented photovoltaic system producst as vital alternative energy source

december 21, 2010

newly formed polymerplus emerges from layered polymers research at case western reserve university

Tech transfer startup company has roots in Center for Layered Polymeric Systems

december 01, 2010

researchers image atomic structural changes that control properties of sapphires

CWRU-led effort is a first in ceramics science

time ripe to move energy storage idea off drawing board

U.S. Dept. of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency funds CWRU researcher's capacitor design

october 11, 2010

new computer switches handle heat that renders transistors useless

Work takes a page from Victorian inventor

october 04, 2010

gem of an idea: a flexible diamond-studded electrode implanted for life

Fit to survive harsh environment but cause no harm

september 27, 2010

rewiring a damaged brain

Microelectronic circuitry may guide axon growth

the achilles' heel of tendons

Study reveals likely targets to mend damage, increase flexibility

september 01, 2010

mimicking fish and tailoring radar to warn of bridge peril

CWRU researcher builds sensors to monitor stability during floods

august 26, 2010

news advisory: great lakes wind collaborative

Third annual meeting to be helpd Sept. 20th and 21st

august 25, 2010

an enduring link: son and mother endow a new professorship to strengthen case school of engineering

Ophthalmologist Carl F. Asseff, MD, and his mother, Elsie D. Asseff, have endowed the Peter A. Asseff, PhD, Professorship in Organic Chemistry at engineering school

august 16, 2010

a heart beats to a different drummer

Scientists at Case Western Reserve University and Vanderbilt University found that pulsed light can pace contractions in an avian embryonic heart, with no apparent damage to the tissue

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