Case School of Engineering


Case School of Engineering
10900 Euclid Avenue Nord Hall 500
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7220

Dean's Office

James McGuffin-Cawley

Interim Dean
About the Dean

Marc Buchner

Associate Dean, Academics 216.368.4096

Lisa Camp

Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives 216.368.5507

Lyn Spellman

Executive Aide to the Dean 216.368.3227

Kathleen Ballou

Assistant to Associate Dean Buchner 216.368.8859

Sheila Campbell

Assistant to Associate Deans 216.368.5755



Department Chairs

Robert F. Kirsch

Chair of Biomedical Engineering 216.368.6047

Daniel Lacks

Chair of Chemical Engineering 216.368.4238

Xiangwu (David) Zeng

Chair of Civil Engineering 216.368.2923

David Schiraldi

Chair of Macromolecular Science and Engineering 216.368.4243

Frank Ernst

Chair of Materials Science and Engineering 216.368.0611

Robert Gao

Chair of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 216.368.6045


Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice (Engineering Student Programs)

Bonnie Copes

Department Assistant II 216.368.5119

Debbie Fatica

Assistant Dean for Engineering Student Programs 216.368.4449

Laura Marshall

Director of Business Development 216.368.5762

Kristen McLaughlin

Industry Relations and Talent Manager 216.368.8619

Nazanin Tousi

Industry Relations and Talent Manager 216.368.3816

Genine Apidone

Director of Student Engagement 216.368.5024

Development and External Affairs

Daniel Ducoff

Associate Dean of Development and Global Relations, and Associate Vice President of Strategic Development Initiatives 216.368.0835

Michael Dolsak

Assistant Dean and Executive Director, Development 216.368.1110

Marina Corleto

Senior Director 216.368.5284

Roger Cerne

Executive Advisor 216.368.1385

Angela Puertas

Co-Director, Donor Relations & Events 216.368.1149

Anne Cunningham

Executive Director, International Development Initiatives 216.368.0069

Lauren Biddlecombe

Co-Director, Donor Relations & Events 216.368.1149

Tiarra Thomas

Coordinator 216.368.8556


Marketing and Communications

Christine Coolick


Jacqueline Fitch

Assistant Director


Administration and Finance

Rimas Biliunas

Director of Information Technology 216.368.5177

Ann Boughner

Director of Human Resources and Leadership Development 216.368.5922

Deborah Hamzah

Director of Research Administration 216.368.5211

Cena Hilliard
Associate Dean of Finance, Administration and Business Operations 216.368.3822