Image Processing Laboratory

The department has a New Image Processing Laboratory for the development of automatic visual inspection methods for pavements, structures and other materials. Equipment available includes: 

  • Spectral Dynamics Corp. SD330A Real Time Spectrometer 

  • Ariel DSP-16 2-channel, 16-bit A/D system with 2 megabytes of memory/50kHZ conversion rate 

  • Ariel TMS320025 Processing Board for real time FFT

  • Matrox MVP-AT Display System with 1024 x 1024 pixel display with 16.7 million simultaneous colors (with NP accelerator) 

  • PC/AT 486 and Pentium class computers with interconnection to Data Acquisition equipment 

  • HP Scanner 

  • Spin Physics SP2000 High speed video camera and recorder. Maximum recording speed of 12000 frames/second. 

Over 30 various video cameras with both CCD and tube sensors and a wide range of image speeds and luminosity requirements are available. Both color and black/white systems in standard RS-170, NTSC, RGB, and high resolution formats are used in the lab.