Infrastructure Performance and Reliability

Institutes, centers and labs related to Infrastructure Performance and Reliability


Pollino Research Group

Performs static and dynamic experimental testing of large-scale structures and civil infrastructure under serviceability and high-hazard loading

Faculty who conduct research in Infrastructure Performance and Reliability

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Yue Li

Leonard Case, Jr. Professorship in Engineering
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Designs and improves resilient buildings and infrastructure

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Michael Pollino

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty Director, Vanderhoof Infrastructure Research and Education Facility

Examines performance of structural systems and components subjected to loading and develops design approaches for resilience and sustainability

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Bill Yu

Department Chair, Civil Engineering
Opal J. and Richard A. Vanderhoof Professorship
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Multiscale multiphysics processes in geosystems and infrastructure, interdisciplinary innovations in intelligent infrastructure technologies towards resilience and sustainability.

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Xiangwu Zeng

Department Chair, Civil Engineering
Frank H. Neff Professor

Develops geotechnical solutions for earthquake design, space exploration, wind turbines and vibration attenuation